Shallow Small Group Bible Study

Dissatisfied with your current small-group? You might want to check out this one. “We hate bad theology as much as the next guy. And we know the surest way to prevent bad theology is to avoid theology altogether.” [Read more…]

Why Did Jesus Come in 5 B.C.?

Consider two facts: God does not make arbitrary decisions and Christianity is a religion whose truths are rooted in and revealed through history. Assuming those claims are both true—and I have no doubts about either—it follows that the Father had a particular reason for sending the Son to earth circa 5 b.c. But if so, [Read More…]

How to Spot a Bad Preacher

As a lifelong student of rhetoric, I’ve always had a fascination and fondness for preachers. I’ve spent many years studying their manners and methods in order to learn how they are able to communicate to large groups in a way that feels intimate and familiar. For instance, one of my favorite pastors spent an entire [Read More…]

The Mask of God

The doctrine of vocation, a term that is just the Latin word for “calling,” deals with how God works through human beings to bestow His gifts. God gives us this day our daily bread by means of the farmer, the baker, the cooks, and the lady at the check-out counter. He creates new life — [Read More…]

The Accountability of the Church Intellectual

In the journal Themelios, theologian Carl Trueman offers some sobering advice for students considering pursuing doctoral studies (“‘Do not do it if you think you are going to find a job at the end of it; do it for the sake of doing it. There are almost no jobs going in academia these days . . [Read More…]

Religion is Wasted on the Young

“Perhaps when we think we are criticizing the narrow thinking of others,” says Timothy Larsen, “we are sometimes really just exposing the narrowness of perception of our past selves. My students are often Christians who are old enough to mock mercilessly the people that gave of their time sacrificially to disciple them when they were [Read More…]

The Myth of the Liberal Young Evangelical

They are opposed to Obamacare, same-sex marriage, and the legalization of marijuana. They believe it’s important for a presidential candidate to have strong religious beliefs. They plan to vote for Mitt Romney. They are evangelicals. No surprises there, right? But consider one other factor: These are young evangelicals. Since 2007, the media has attempted to present [Read More…]

Faith is Thinking

Faith according to our Lord’s teaching in [Matthew 6:30], is primarily thinking; and the whole trouble with a man of little faith is that he does not think. He allows circumstances to bludgeon him… . We must spend more time in studying our Lord’s lessons in observation and deduction. The Bible is full of logic, [Read More…]