How to Write a Love Letter and Salvage Valentine’s Day (A Guide for Men)

If you’ve waited until today to make plans you’ll find yourself at the Quik-E-Mart fighting other pathetic slobs for the last Whitman’s sampler or single-stem plucked-in-November rose. But I have an alternative to cheap candy and wilted flowers. It’s thoughtful. It’s romantic. And most importantly, it’s cheap. It’s the love letter. Follow these steps in [Read More…]

Second Graders Learn Grammar by Correcting the Tweets of Pro Football Players

Elmwood Franklin School’s second grade students applied their lessons in proper sentence structure, noun and verb usage, spelling, and punctuation to correct the tweets of professional football players. Here’s an example of their useful lesson: Getting tackled by a 200 lb linebacker is probably not as painful as having your grammar corrected by a second [Read More…]

I Was Watching a Commercial and a Football Game Broke Out

Football fans like me (How ’bout them Cowboys?) like to think the sport is more action-packed than more boring games, like golf or soccer. But research shows that minute-for-minute a Samuel Beckett play has  more action than an NFL game: According to a Wall Street Journal study of four recent broadcasts, and similar estimates by researchers, [Read More…]

Teenagers Spend Too Much Time Around Teenagers

From an interview with psychologist Robert Epstein, author of The Case Against Adolescence: Teens in America are in touch with their peers on average 65 hours a week, compared to about four hours a week in preindustrial cultures. In this country, teens learn virtually everything they know from other teens, who are in turn highly [Read More…]

Are Your Pants Lying to You?

Note to men: Your pants have been deceiving you for years: The pants manufacturers are trying to flatter us. And this flattery works: Alfani’s 36-inch “Garrett” pant was 38.5 inches, just like the Calvin Klein “Dylan” pants — which I loved and purchased. A 39-inch pair from Haggar (a brand name that out-testosterones even “Garrett”) [Read More…]

The Art of Pickpocketing

Apollo Robbins is is widely considered the best in the world at what he does, which is taking things from people’s jackets, pants, purses, wrists, fingers, and necks, then returning them in amusing and mind-boggling ways. In this video he shows reveals the secret of his craft. [Read more…]

Almost Half of the World’s Food is Thrown Away

Remember when your mother told you to clean your plate since there were starving people in the world? Apparently, not too many people are following her advice. As much as half of all the food produced in the world—equivalent to 2 billion tons—ends up as waste every year: The UK’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) [Read More…]

You Are Most Likely to Die at 11 a.m.

A new study, published in the Annals of Neurology, that identifies a common gene variant affecting circadian rhythms. And that variant, it seems, could also predict the time of day you will die: Particularly when you’re older, you are 14 percent more likely to die on your birthday than on any other day of the [Read More…]

The World’s Most Emotional Countries

Since 2009, the Gallup polling firm has surveyed people in 150 countries and territories on, among other things, their daily emotional experience: Singapore is the least emotional country in the world. ”Singaporeans recognize they have a problem,” Bloomberg Businessweek writes of the country’s “emotional deficit,” citing a culture in which schools “discourage students from thinking of [Read More…]

The U.S. is Not as Violent as You Think

Since the shooting in Newtown there has been hundreds of articles written about guns, gun control, and gun violence. Patrick Cahalan has written the best of the bunch: Basically, you’re not very likely to be murdered in either [the U.S. or the U.K. Really. In fact, given that 10% of the murders in the U.S. [Read More…]