Moral Philosophy and the Case Against Twitter

In an amusing post that pokes fun at both Twitter and applied moral philosophy, James Anderson offers eighteen arguments “Against All Tweets.” As an Aristotelian-Augustinian advocate of natural law, I was persuaded by a number of his conditional proofs. But being first-and-foremost a virtue ethicist, this was the one that convinced me: Virtue Ethics Argument [Read More…]

The Parable of Botox

Several years ago I encouraged my friend Hans Madume—a physician, theologian, and bioethicist—to provide me a justification for condemning cosmetic surgery. We would often discuss the differences between therapy and enhancement and since the latter triggered my “yuck” reflex—and because I’m an advocate of Leon Kass-style “wisdom of repugnance” theorizing—I figured a knock-down case could [Read More…]

The Desert Fathers as Moral Philosophers

Philosopher Brandon Watson looks at a group that treated ethics as a matter of practical living rather than as abstract theorizing: There have been times and places, however, in which ethics was taken seriously as philosophy—indeed, taken seriously as the philosophy, the area of most crucial importance—precisely insofar as it is practical. The era of the Desert [Read More…]