The Case against Same-Sex Marriage (In 5 Minutes)

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Why the GOP Shouldn’t Take Advice From Liberal Children

While there are many variations of post-election hand-wringing, one of the most common is tailoring a hairshirt to be worn by the Those Other People Who Are to Blame For Our Failure. Such lamentations are always tedious, but sometimes they reach a level of clichéd cluelessness that it makes them noteworthy. A prime example is [Read More…]

Sandra Fluke, Obama Voters, and the Pink Police State

Someday we’re going to look back and realize that Sandra Fluke being praised for arguing that her right to free contraceptives trumped religious freedom was a defining moment in our history. When that day come my friend James Poulos will be hailed as a prophet of the pre-Flukian era. His vision of the emerging Pink [Read More…]

The Perpetual Campaign and Other Depressing Thoughts

1. Yesterday Michael Brendan Dougherty wrote a post on “How to Explain Romney’s Loss to Shocked Conservatives.” Finally: you didn’t like Romney that much either. So are you really surprised? The entire Republican primary was a search for a “Not-Romney” candidate. In fact, you probably once contemplated voting for Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain, or Rick [Read More…]

College Cramming: A Refresher Course on the Electoral College

Whether the Republicans cry “fraud” or the Democrats scream “disenfranchised” we can be certain of one thing after the polls close: the President of the United States won’t be elected today. Even if there are no hanging chads or last minute court appeals, the election of the President won’t be made until December 13. That [Read More…]

Social Justice and the Christian Voter

“History is a voice forever sounding across the centuries the laws of right and wrong. Opinions alter, manners change, creeds rise and fall, but the moral law is written on the tablets of eternity.” — James Froude When it comes to historical hindsight, modern Christians have a tendency to believe that we would always have sided [Read More…]

Why Being Pro-Family Means Opposing Illegal Immigration

Unlike in 2008, immigration hasn’t been much of an issue this election season. In fact, my friend Mark Shea has one of the few blog posts I’ve seen on the subject. In “The Reason I’m Not in a Huge Sweat about Immigrants,” Mark says, That they [the 12 millions illegal immigrants] failed to fill out [Read More…]

An Old, ‘Young Liberal Evangelical’ on the New ‘Young Liberal Evangelical’ Myth

I wanted to cry when I heard that Michael Dukakis had lost the election. But crying was frowned upon at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego so I stoically stifled my tears and sat in stunned silence as the cheers rang out. The sun had just risen on the rifle range when they announced over [Read More…]

The Racialist Churches of Our Presidential Candidates

Imagine if a presidential candidate were to spend their adult life in a church that had a history of racism. The candidate explains, more-or-less convincingly, that they are neither a racist nor a racialist. In fact, few people believe that the candidate is a racialist, despite the fact that they did not disassociate themselves from [Read More…]

Why Presidential Debates Make Us Dumber

Over on the Acton Institute’s Powerblog, I explain why presidential debates make us dumber: This is why presidential debates are designed, albeit unintentionally, to make us dumber. Candidates are expected to take maddeningly complex subjects, fairly present their opponent’s position and explain how their position differs all in 2 minutes or less. While such a task is [Read More…]