Aircraft Carriers in Space

Naval analyst Chris Weuve explains how naval warfare is portrayed in the literature and television of outer-space: Foreign Policy: Let’s reverse the question. Has sci-fi affected the way that our navies conduct warfare? Chris Weuve: This is a question that I occasionally think about. Many people point to the development of the shipboard Combat Information [Read More…]

The Avengers and Classical Theism

Philosopher Ed Feser considers some of theological exchanges in the recent superhero movie, The Avengers: We cannot assume Captain America to have had time between battles to study classical philosophy and theology, but his words could be read as containing implicitly the answer to pop atheism’s “one god further” objection (which I have discussed here, here, and here).  [Read More…]

Mumford and Sons are a Kind of Musical Pinterest

This week Mumford & Sons released their new album Babel, which I listened to in its entirety (on the life-changing app Spotify). As with their previous work, I really wanted to like the music—felt almost obligated to like the music as a reaction against Ke$ha and Lady Gaga. And yet . . . there is [Read More…]