Do Astronauts Have Internet in Space?

Greg Johnson (pilot for the shuttle STS-134 mission) and Ron Garan (a former member of the International Space Station crew) explain what type of Internet access astronauts have in space: GREG JOHNSON: As shuttle guys, we really don’t partake in the Internet. We’ve got synchronizations with our emails. It kind of gives us a pseudo-email [Read More…]

The Quasi-Religious and Futile Enterprise of Space Colonization

Sci-fi author Charlie Stross on the futility of space colonization: [I] don’t want to spend much time talking about the unspoken ideological underpinnings of the urge to space colonization, other than to point out that they’re there, that the case for space colonization isn’t usually presented as an economic enterprise so much as a quasi-religious [Read More…]

The Improbable is the New Normal

The Internet is exposing us to massive quantities of things that are amazing and improbably, says Kevin Kelly. And that might just be changing our culture: The internets are also brimming with improbable feats of performance — someone who can run up a side of a building, or slide down suburban roof tops, or stack [Read More…]