Thirty Three Things – Halloween/Reformation Day Edition

[Note: Today you’re likely to encounter creatures that are strange, shocking, and slightly scary (goblins, vampires, Lutherans, etc.). October 31 is both Halloween and Reformation Day, and since both sit uncomfortably side-by-side on the calendar, it seemed fitting to put them together—uncomfortably side-by-side—on this special edition of 33 Things.] 1. Disputation of Doctor Martin Luther [Read More…]

Thirty Three Things #3

1. The Wages of Sin: How the Discovery of Penicillin Reshaped Modern Sexuality It was not until 1943, amid world war, that penicillin was found to be an effective treatment for syphilis. This study investigated the hypothesis that a decrease in the cost of syphilis due to penicillin spurred an increase in risky non-traditional sex. [Read More…]

Thirty Three Things #2

1. How to Fix One of the Problems With Our Republican Democracy The problem with democracy is not that politicians kowtow to financiers and lobbyists; it’s that politicians kowtow to their own consituents, spending other people’s money along the way. In other words, their incentives are all wrong. Effective reform should supply better incentives. So [Read More…]

Thirty Three Things #1

1. Newbie Time Travelers Always Kill Hitler on Their First Trip 11/15/2104 At 14:52:28, FreedomFighter69 wrote: Reporting my first temporal excursion since joining IATT: have just returned from 1936 Berlin, having taken the place of one of Leni Riefenstahl’s cameramen and assassinated Adolf Hitler during the opening of the Olympic Games. Let a free world [Read More…]