What’s so bad about incinerating 15,000 babies?

The news from Britain that aborted fetuses were incinerated to heat hospitals is both shocking and banal.First, shocking: Over the course of just two years more than 15,000 humans living in a modern, Western democracy with protections for human rights were nonetheless disposed of and then utilized for their carbon.This is the inversion of ancient paganism. We aren't crafting wood in God's image. We are turning God's image into mere wood. It still amounts to idolatry, but the worship is … [Read more...]

When is a person a person? 3 libertarians debate abortion

If you have a spare hour (actually 50 minutes) and give two or more hoots about the abortion debate, it's worth watching this Reason-hosted conversation between Nick Gillespie, Ronald Bailey, Katherine Mangu-Ward, and Mollie Hemingway. Hemingway, as you likely know, writes for the excellent GetReligion blog, hosted by Patheos. … [Read more...]

Pro-life activist Chen Guangcheng named ‘rebel of the year’

While the gentlemen's glossy is best known for featuring models and celebrities draped in high-priced clothes and others draped in barely anything, the current edition of GQ has taken the surprising move of naming Chinese antiabortion activist Chen Guangcheng "Rebel of the Year" for 2012.While perhaps more symbolic than substantive, symbols are important. For decades the pro-life cause has seemed terminally unfashionable. But now there's Chen, the blind man who stood down an entire … [Read more...]

America needs prophets

The intense fight over Obamacare's HHS mandate highlights a real disdain for religion in public life. Obamacare has had religious detractors from the start because of abortion concerns, but they have had their own detractors among the political and chattering classes.While paying lip service to the right of Catholic bishops to participate in the conversation, for instance, one pundit actually said (before the bill had passed) that the hierarchs were holding America “hostage” by their refusal … [Read more...]