What Pat Robertson gets wrong about adoption

When a woman named Susan wrote the 700 Club looking for answers, she surely wasn't expecting the kind she received. The mother of three adopted daughters, each from different countries, wrote to say that the men she was dating invariably got cold feet when it came to the subject of her children. "Why," she asked, "are these men acting this way?"Pat Robertson's answer left audiences with their jaws hanging low. "A man doesn't want to take on the United Nations," he said, excusing the men, … [Read more...]

Daddy by grace: An adoption insight

My Moses can be a fickle child. The other night he said in his singsongy, Luganda-tinged voice, "You are not my daddy." It's a funny thing to hear as an adoptive father.My response was funny too. It was a knee-jerk thing -- accidental, really -- but I dropped some theology on the boy. "You're right," I said, "I'm not your father by nature. I'm you're father by grace."Come again? It was out of my mouth before I really understood what I had said. The words came from something I had been … [Read more...]

Faith as I saw it in Uganda

I knew the sound the second I heard it, a loud sustained cry, undulating but strong. “Is that the call to prayer?” I asked Eva, a Christian woman operating a small crafts shop.“It is for Muslims,” she said. … [Read more...]

Put not your trust in princes (or politicians)

As we get closer to the upcoming elections and hear the many promises tumbling from the mouths of hopeful and desperate office-seekers, we should reflect on Psalm 146.“Put not your trust in princes,” says the psalmist, “in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation.” From the rest of the text, it’s clear that the admonition is not primarily about what we might call eternal salvation; there are many other texts that cover that. This one is mostly about temporal salvation, earthly goods and conc … [Read more...]

Orphans and the heart of God

As many readers here know, Megan and I are adopting. It’s been an interest and passion of ours for some time, and day by day we get closer. Things continue to move. Our homestudy just came in about noon yesterday—thumbs up there—and we closed the day with a very encouraging meeting with our pastor.With those joyful moments there are also the sobering reminders. Our adoption coordinator has been in Uganda for the last few days and just posted a heartrending piece on her initial impressions. The … [Read more...]

Passport to adoption

On Monday I applied for my passport. I’ve traveled throughout the lower forty-eight, been to this place and that, but I’ve never gone abroad. I hope to go soon.Megan and I are planning on adopting from Uganda. We’re working on our paperwork now. There are letters and reports and statements and evaluations and more. We’re almost done. But it’s been a long road so far.We started looking at domestic adoption back in January. We jumped through those hoops and remain very grateful for the help o … [Read more...]