Christian love’s bastard child

If you follow the conversations and events of our day, it's clear that our contemporary culture values agreeableness over truth. Christians have fallen for this as well because the greatest Christian virtue is love, and love is patient, kind, etc. In other words, love comes off as pretty agreeable. It's not going to interrupt. It's not going to correct and chastise. It's definitely not going to judge. It's going to calm the mood and make nice.I think that is the key word, nice. Many … [Read more...]

The cult of agreeableness

Joel Osteen's disturbing inability to say that Mormonism is something other than Christian reflects a particular affliction from which our culture suffers. I'm not sure what to call it other than the cult of agreeableness, a widespread tendency to avoid disagreement, conflict, and contradiction whenever possible, a disposition to never draw hard lines for fear that we'll upset or make ourselves unattractive by the action. … [Read more...]