Orphans and the heart of God

As many readers here know, Megan and I are adopting. It’s been an interest and passion of ours for some time, and day by day we get closer. Things continue to move. Our homestudy just came in about noon yesterday—thumbs up there—and we closed the day with a very encouraging meeting with our pastor.With those joyful moments there are also the sobering reminders. Our adoption coordinator has been in Uganda for the last few days and just posted a heartrending piece on her initial impressions. The … [Read more...]

No progress without resistance

"Lot of things can get in the way when you're tryin' to do what’s right." —Bob DylanNobody enjoys difficulty. No one likes opposition. No one appreciates pain. But they are necessary to progress. You can see it in business; competition and problem-solving drive innovation. You can see it in history; the great creeds of the Christian faith developed to refute heretics. The truth is that if you’re paying attention, you can see just about anywhere you look.I recently heard a sermon by Fr. Patri … [Read more...]

How to avoid ineffectual prayers

James, the brother of Jesus, was serious about his prayer. He used to go to the temple and kneel in prayer so often and for so long that his knees were reputed to be as calloused and tough as a camel’s. He was bishop of Jerusalem then and was martyred several years before the temple was ultimately destroyed, but as long as he had life he could be found, as one ancient writer put it, “bending the knee in adoration to God, and begging forgiveness for the people.”Given his intense practice, it c … [Read more...]