The church of do what you want to

While reading Alan Wolfe's helpful book, The Transformation of American Religion, I was reminded of a song by the band Jacob's Trouble, "The Church of Do What You Want To." It's from their 1989 album, Door Into Summer.The satire works because it channels a powerful rip current in contemporary Christianity. It also works because it's true to some degree of most of us. Just listen to the chorus: "The Church of do what feels good, Baby, and believe what you want to believe. . ." Or the second … [Read more...]

Consumer Christianity

How was your church service last week? Were the songs good, the pastor polished, the message on-point?In the name of upping the quality of pastoral work, a new website in Germany now allows parishioners to rate their priest's performance in several categories, including worship, credibility, work with youth and seniors, and having his "Finger on the Pulse."Even without such an app, we often create our personal ad hoc Angie's Lists, evaluating the service and its various officiants … [Read more...]