My problem with ‘Life of Pi’

Megan and I finally got around to watching Life of Pi. It's a beautifully filmed and extravagant spectacle, but it didn't work for us. When I first expressed my disappointment, I received several negative reactions. It's a movie that seems either to resonate deeply or not at all. Here's where it failed for me.Pi's survival adrift on the Pacific makes for gripping drama, all the more because he shares his lifeboat with an untamed Bengal tiger and also briefly with a wounded zebra, hyena, and … [Read more...]

It doesn’t work and might drive you crazy: More on DIY spirituality

Anyone who acts as their own lawyer has a fool for a client, as the old saying goes. We all know this, but somehow someone who serves as their own priest, spiritual father, confessor, or guru is wise?If you want to get fit and in shape, you see a physical trainer, maybe a dietician. If you want to get your accounts in order and plan for the future, you see a financial advisor. If you want to get the most out of your sporting endeavors, you see a coach. If you want to get past psychological … [Read more...]