America’s divided faith: More sectarian than Christian

In thinking today about Christian division, I recalled this thought from James Fenimore Cooper's book, The American Democrat:In America the taint of sectarianism lies broad upon the land. Not content with acknowledging the supremacy of the Deity . . . the pride and vanity of human reason enter into and pollute our worship, and the houses that should be of God and for God, alone, where he is to be honored with submissive faith, are too often merely schools of metaphysical and useless … [Read more...]

5 books to fill a gap in church history and doctrine

The Gospel Coalition is offering a four-year reading list to point evangelicals to "some of the key texts that have shaped the movement and its current leaders, and offer an historical sense and context to the current movement. . . ."There are some very good and useful books on the list, but I want to offer some supplemental texts. Up front let me say that these are not texts that have shaped evangelicalism. Rather, they are meant to fill a significant time gap in the GC list, which jumps … [Read more...]