How I learned to love Mary, mother of Jesus

The first time I really got Mary was on Good Friday a few years ago.In a very solemn service the night of Great and Holy Friday, as the day is called in the Orthodox Church, a series of funeral dirges are sung, one after another. I stood there in a dark church, a bier with an embroidered icon of the crucified Christ in the middle of the room, as the chanters and congregation expressed the mystery of the Lord's Passion in somber melodies. How could the Lord of Life die? And to what end? … [Read more...]

The church is room full of sisters

A woman sits in a church, her cheeks and breast wet with tears. She's come from Sweden to this basilica in Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, part of Provence, not far from the Mediterranean Sea. In Roman Catholic tradition, Mary Magdalene is believed to have come the region before her death. Her relics are preserved in the church … [Read more...]