The problem with virtual communion

Ernest Cline's New York Times bestselling sci-fi adventure Ready Player One imagines a future in which the majority of people live in a virtual world called the OASIS. As fortunes in the real world dip, the immersive simulations of the OASIS become the all-consuming preoccupation for anyone who can manage to log in.Everything happens in the OASIS: business, entertainment, love, even religion. The first-person narrator describes one "super-religious" side character who "spent most of her … [Read more...]

Playing politics with the sacraments?

Gene Robinson, retired Episcopal bishop of New Hampshire, says the Catholic church is playing politics with the Eucharist.The comments stem from recent pronouncements that Catholics who oppose the church's moral teaching should refrain from taking the Eucharist. Neither should they be surprised if denied the sacrament.“For a Catholic to receive holy Communion and still deny the revelation Christ entrusted to the church is to try to say two contradictory things at once: ‘I believe the chu … [Read more...]

Breaking: Garry Wills discovers liberal Protestantism 200 years behind the curve

It says something about our culture that it takes a comedian to call an intellectual on his folly. Catholic Garry Wills recently appeared on The Colbert Report to hawk his new, very non-Catholic book, Why Priests? A Failed Tradition. In perhaps the only time in history a jester and historian have jousted on late-night television about the eucharist, Stephen Colbert tried a little elementary catechesis on Wills. Enjoy.Thanks to my friend and colleague, Matt Baugher, for pointing this … [Read more...]