We’ll take anything but the truth

Whether you're talking politics, health, business, entertainment, or religion, it's funny that a culture as skeptical as ours can be so fundamentally gullible. We can fall for nearly anything -- anything but the truth."In a materialist age like ours," writes Malcolm Muggeridge, "nothing is real except what is false. … [Read more...]

Fear and the stories we tell ourselves

We live in a bramble of innumerable fears. We have anxiety about our families, worry about our jobs, concern about our futures. More the fruit of imagination than actuality, these fears can bud and grow in our minds until we are entangled and entrapped.Our creatureliness explains why we find ourselves enmeshed in this thicket. As creatures, we are self-protective. Vulnerable to life’s vicissitudes, we face a future with a million possibilities, some of them dangerous and threatening. Natural r … [Read more...]