Were there priests in the early church? Garry Wills says no. He’s wrong, and here’s why

In reading Garry Wills' new book, Why Priests? A Failed Tradition, I passed through several stages: irritation, amusement, befuddlement, frustration, disbelief. Attesting to his immense talent, I occasionally felt all these things at once.Wills' argument is that priests are nowhere found in the New Testament, more or less, and that priestly power is advanced by a bogus understanding of the Eucharist and the inclusion of the Letter to the Hebrews in the Bible. And let's just pause to remember … [Read more...]

Breaking: Garry Wills discovers liberal Protestantism 200 years behind the curve

It says something about our culture that it takes a comedian to call an intellectual on his folly. Catholic Garry Wills recently appeared on The Colbert Report to hawk his new, very non-Catholic book, Why Priests? A Failed Tradition. In perhaps the only time in history a jester and historian have jousted on late-night television about the eucharist, Stephen Colbert tried a little elementary catechesis on Wills. Enjoy.Thanks to my friend and colleague, Matt Baugher, for pointing this … [Read more...]