Dietrich Bonhoeffer and our end-times obsessions

If you've cancelled your plans on December 21 because the Mayans said the world would end, you'll be excited to hear that calendar experts have finally announced that nothing will happen after all -- except perhaps long lines at military-surplus return counters.But look on the upside. Now you can use that newfound time to catch up on your reading -- maybe thumb through some classics like Harold Camping's recently overshadowed 1994? Or Hal Lindsey's forgettable The 1980s: Countdown to … [Read more...]

The scary birth of Hal Lindsey

The late 1960s and '70s were a time of fear. Paul Ehrlich told us the world would run out of food and natural resources due to overpopulation. Popular movies like Soylent Green and long lines at the gas pump only seemed to confirm the grim forecasts of his 1968 jeremiad, The Population Bomb.Environmentalists felt the chills of an oncoming ice age and magazines as well regarded as Science gave credence to the notion that "a full-blown 100,000-year ice age" was "a real possibility." Said Nigel … [Read more...]