The unity of heaven and earth in worship

In Lifted by Angels I mention the Cherubikon, or "Cherubic Hymn," which is sung during the Orthodox liturgy as the priests and deacons process with the Eucharistic gifts. I found this version here particularly beautiful and thought I would share it:The frescoes in the video are from two 13th- and 14th-century Serbian monasteries. My friend Borko sent me the link.The hymn itself is very ancient and reflects realities captured in passages like Revelation 4 and Hebrews 12.22, the latter … [Read more...]

Heaven is more than an endpoint. It’s a possibility right now

There have been several very successful books on heaven in recent years, including Heaven is For Real, published at Thomas Nelson by my colleague Matt Baugher.The interest among readers is reasonable enough, considering that we're talking about our eternal destinies and all the hopes and fears that go along with them. Not a small topic.But let's expand the conversation. Heaven is more than an endpoint. When Christians pray the Lord's Prayer we ask that God's will would be done on earth … [Read more...]

Fr. Peter Gillquist’s angelic welcome

It’s appropriate to contemplate angels rejoicing at our homecoming. After all, if we are the heirs of salvation, and angels are ministers to the heirs of salvation as Paul says in Hebrews, then our final success is their success too.My mind turns to this subject after hearing about the passing of the beloved Fr. Peter Gillquist.Upon the passing of Acholius the bishop of Thessalonica, Ambrose of Milan said something that applies here too. He expressed regret that this “veteran . . . of Chr … [Read more...]