5 books to fill a gap in church history and doctrine

The Gospel Coalition is offering a four-year reading list to point evangelicals to "some of the key texts that have shaped the movement and its current leaders, and offer an historical sense and context to the current movement. . . ."There are some very good and useful books on the list, but I want to offer some supplemental texts. Up front let me say that these are not texts that have shaped evangelicalism. Rather, they are meant to fill a significant time gap in the GC list, which jumps … [Read more...]

7 reasons to appreciate history

History is the story of God’s past providence in the lives of people.This is true for major events: Constantine battling at Milvian Bridge, Luther protesting at Wittenberg, King James commissioning the Bible that bears his name, Whitefield going on tour in America, Revere sending out the alarm en route to Lexington, and Patton storming the coasts of Sicily.It’s also true for the humbler moments: Jane Austen quietly revolutionizing English literature, Gen. Robert E. Lee writing tender let … [Read more...]

What politics learned from pulpits

What's the connection between political campaigns and megachurches?As this post explains, the secret to building a successful megachurch is in evangelizing people inside cultural subsets rather than imploring people to venture outside of their subset.Political machines are putting the same strategy to use. Here's the underlying cultural dynamic at play:Neighbors witnessing to neighbors is a marketing technique suited to Americans, who are increasingly sequestering themselves in … [Read more...]