Why are there dirty stories in the Bible?

Anyone who's read the Bible to children or come at it with some naivety knows it contains many tricky passages. Cough. Judah and Tamar. Cough. A reader who's spent any time in the text has his or her own list of stories that are risqué, possibly even revolting. Why would the holy authors include these stories in the Bible?Writing one of the very first Christian commentaries on Scripture, Hippolytus of Rome answered the question this way:As the divine writings are not respecters of … [Read more...]

Pat Robertson, Petraeus, and sexual infidelity

Groan. So here we have an unfolding scandal involving infidelity in the highest reaches of the U.S. military and intelligence community, and what does Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson say about it?Commenting on the affair of General David Petraeus and biographer Paula Broadwell, Robertson said it was "[a]mazing . . . that the affairs of the heart seem to catch these guys." But then he set up a string of mitigators: Petraeus was away, Broadwell was hot, so what can we expect?"I mean, … [Read more...]

Tebow and the pay-for-proof-of-sex stunt

You know the song that runs, "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket"? Try subbing out the word "Christian" for "star" and you've just identified one of the world's favorite pastimes.The most recent manifestation of this is the dating service that is offering a million dollars if a person can prove that she (or possibly he I suppose) has had sex with Tim Tebow, the popular New York Jets quarterback and outspoken evangelical Christian.Tebow's professed virginity has been the subject … [Read more...]