The church of do what you want to

While reading Alan Wolfe's helpful book, The Transformation of American Religion, I was reminded of a song by the band Jacob's Trouble, "The Church of Do What You Want To." It's from their 1989 album, Door Into Summer.The satire works because it channels a powerful rip current in contemporary Christianity. It also works because it's true to some degree of most of us. Just listen to the chorus: "The Church of do what feels good, Baby, and believe what you want to believe. . ." Or the second … [Read more...]

Why Christians need the church

There's an old story about several blind men who try describing an elephant after touching various parts of it. Because the elephant is quite large, each man can only touch a limited portion. So the man touching the leg says the elephant is like a tree, while the one touching the tail says it's like a snake, and so on, each man coming to a different, incomplete conclusion about the beast.That story comes to mind as I reflect on the increasing number of people who claim to be Christians yet … [Read more...]