The true state of Christian persecution in Iran

I posted Friday about religious persecution in several countries, particularly Syria, Iran, and North Korea.An Iranian reader objected to the way I had characterized the situation in Iran. I responded to his comment but think it would be good for readers to see this material directly, rather than allowing it to get overlooked in the comments.As I mention in Friday's post, the UN has expressed concern that over 300 Christians have been arrested since 2010 and that churches are being … [Read more...]

Christians under attack in Syria, Iran, N. Korea

"O Lord . . . for thy sake I bear reproach." --Jeremiah 15.15An Algerian Christian faces five years in prison for the crime of sharing his faith with a Muslim. Authorities claim that Karim Siaghi insulted Mohammad, something he denies.His appeal is being heard in Oran, a costal city just 600 miles away from where Augustine once presided as bishop. There has been a lot of history a between that moment and this, much of it going against Christians, but for me that geographic realization … [Read more...]

Jesus comes to us so we can go for him

On the Sunday after Easter the Eastern Orthodox Church commemorates the encounter of the Apostle Thomas with the risen Jesus.You know the story. Skeptical about his fellow disciples' enthusiastic claims of the resurrection, Thomas took a wait-and-see attitude, earning him the moniker Doubting Thomas. But then, when Christ appeared to him, Thomas exclaimed, "My Lord and my God!" There in that moment Doubting Thomas became Believing Thomas.Two things stand out for me about this … [Read more...]