The Christians you don’t know

Some people are barely aware that there are native Christian communities in Israel, extending back to the time of the apostles. A new documentary, The Stones Cry Out, promises to tell their history and shed light on their struggles. Here's the trailer:I've covered acts of terrorism and vandalism visited upon these Christian communities in Israel before, and I realize that the region's complicated history cannot be untangled or fully appreciated in a fifty-six minute documentary.But … [Read more...]

Vandalized church in Israel holds harsh memory

Vandals desecrated a church and cemetery in the Galilee village of Kafar Bir'em, spraying graffiti and dousing the building with incendiary fluid just days after Christmas.The graffiti included the word "Revenge" in both English and Hebrew, racist language, stars of David, and a cross next to a phallic symbol.The same village suffered a similar attack several weeks prior, according to the Committee for the Uprooted of Kafar Bir'em. Haggai Matar reported on the desecration here.Acts … [Read more...]

Miles from the truth

In 1995 author Jack Miles touched off a theological tempest in a teapot with his publication of God: A Biography, in which he attempts to tell the story of God by reading the Hebrew Scriptures as "imaginative literature." With the 2001 publication of Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God, Miles uses the same approach to explore the life and significance of Jesus, and the tempest is again brewing.The result of the Pulitzer-winning God was a radical revisionist take on its subject, imaging God … [Read more...]