The spiritual legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

In the fall of 1956, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech and asked his audience to imagine that the Apostle Paul had penned an epistle to American Christians just as he had done nineteen hundred years before to believers in Rome, Galatia, and Colossae.What would he say? Since the apostle usually wrote to encourage and convict, what faults might he seek to correct?According to the imaginary letter that King presented, Paul took particular offense at disunity in the church, … [Read more...]

Forget your legacy, just do the right thing

My wife and I spent part of Tuesday in Atlanta with Alveda King, the daughter of A.D. King and the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.During our time there we visited Ebenezer Baptist Church, which has now been carefully restored to its appearance during the civil-rights struggles of the 1960s. Following that, we walked down the street to the birth home of the King brothers.As we toured the building with Alveda and her daughter, a docent told us stories about the boys growing up: what … [Read more...]