Why it’s good to remember our sins

Over the course of several books, crime novelist Philip Davison gave life to his character Harry Fielding, an operative in British intelligence tasked with undesirable jobs. A small train of colorful characters orbit through Harry's universe, including his flamboyant aunt Kate.At one point in the final Fielding outing, A Burnable Town, Kate wants her nephew to go to church."Oh God," Harry exclaims. "I don't have to contemplate my sin, do I, Kate?"She answered with "a very … [Read more...]

Don’t ask God for justice

When we are wronged, do we ask God for justice? Maybe we should reconsider that impulse.After descending the mountain of the Transfiguration, Jesus sent some messengers to a village to prepare for his arrival. The villagers, however, did not want Jesus around and told the messengers to, in so many words, beat it.Jesus' disciples, James and John, were indignant."Lord, do you want us to bid fire come down from heaven and consume them?" they asked.You can imagine their outrage. … [Read more...]

Patched, not discarded

A soldier came upon a monk and asked him if a repentant man would be received by God. He was worried that God might reject him."Would you discard your coat if it were torn?" asked the monk."No," said the man, perhaps at that moment grasping the garment. "I'd patch it and keep wearing it.""If you would take such care of your coat," said the monk, "won't God show even greater care for his own image, which you are?"How often are we the soldier, sincere but afraid that God will … [Read more...]