Egyptian Christians weather ‘climate of impunity’

Christians in Egypt suffer amid a "climate of impunity," according to the U.S. State Department's newly released International Religious Freedom Report.Despite word of positive developments -- including prosecution for the murder of a Coptic man and occasionally increased police security for threatened Copts -- the meager gains hardly diminish the unimaginable threats regularly faced by believers in one of the world's oldest bodies of Christians."While recognized and unrecognized … [Read more...]

Egypt intensifies crackdown on Christians, dissidents

A Christian schoolteacher in Egypt has been detained by authorities for allegedly insulting Islam and Muhammad. Demyana Emad is twenty-three and teaches social studies at the Sheik Sultan Primary School in Luxor. She denies the charge and claims extremists urged students to falsely accuse her.The allegation is troubling. Last year another Christian teacher, Bishoy Kamel, was sentenced to six years in prison on similar charges, including insulting Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. Covering … [Read more...]

Islamist constitution spells trouble for Egypt’s Christians

Egypt has approved a new, pro-Islamist constitution, and while Christians prepare to celebrate the Nativity of Christ they and other minorities foresee bleak and repressive days ahead.Voter turnout in the two-stage nationwide referendum was reportedly limited, and Christians were particularly underrepresented, "as low as 7% in some areas," according to one report.Intimidation by Islamists kept many from the polls. In one instance, an estimated 50,000 pro-constitution marchers swept through … [Read more...]