What a garden can teach us: A lenten reflection

I spent some time this weekend gardening. Megan and I recently purchased a new house -- actually, a very old one -- and it was evident that the yard work had slipped. So after mustering up the resolve, we sallied forth with clippers and rakes in hand.And what did we have to show for our efforts besides seven bags of leaves and clippings and one rather large pile of branches and scrub?As I trimmed and pruned and cut and dug, I reflected on how gardening helps us better understand certain … [Read more...]

Weeding and cultivating life

When I was a boy I spent a lot of time with my maternal grandfather. He was something of a recreational farmer, and we spent most of our days working in his gardens and fields. Once, while weeding a certain patch of something, he asked me if I knew what a weed was. I recall trying to fabricate an elaborate definition featuring thorns and thistles and the like.“No,” he corrected (something I frequently forced him to do). “It’s any plant growing where you don’t want it.”I thought about tha … [Read more...]