What the light of Christ teaches us


At the start of his gospel, John refers to Christ as "[t]he true light that enlightens every man." He was likely an old man when he penned the line, and I can't help but wonder if his mind traveled back to an experience of his youth, during the earthly ministry of Jesus, one in which he experienced that light in a supernatural way. Jesus had at times a large entourage, but he revealed certain things to small and select group of disciples. Matthew, Mark, and Luke all tell about the time that … [Read more...]

Meditation on the cross

Doug1021, Flickr.

Terrible stake of execution, Blessed compass and signpost Terrible thorn of the curse, Blessed tree of life Terrible wonder of angels, Blessed routing of demons Terrible burden of the servant, Blessed announcement of the king Terrible bitter draught, Blessed wood that sweetens foul waters Terrible nails and spear, Blessed ark and olive branch Terrible scandal of offense, Blessed road to salvation Terrible scorn and humiliation, Blessed hope of victory Terrible … [Read more...]