3 unique resources for studying the life of King David

King David is one of the most interesting figures in all of Scripture. My friend David Teems recently summed up the fascination by focusing on the paradoxes of his namesake."Anointed as a boy, it would be years before David actually ruled anything, including himself," he writes. "If he is messy, and he is, he is also glorious. If he is a man of blood, he is also a poet of the first order. If he is untamed, if he is a bit uncivilized, he is also a man after God’s own heart."David is a h … [Read more...]

Name it and claim it—for real

The so-called Prosperity Gospel uses a catchphrase that rankles its naysayers: “Name it and claim it.” But what if you could steal the line, stuff it with a different and better meaning, and turn it into something more useful to personal growth and sanctification?Writing to make sure his monks were on their best behavior, St. Benedict formulated the Rule that bears his name. One of the chapters concerns singing in church services: “Therefore, let us consider in what manner it behoveth us to b … [Read more...]

Learning from tragedy: Blow

Some people find it odd that I'm a fan of the movie Blow, a flick about the ins and outs of the cocaine trade. Those same folks may find it strange that I'm likewise a fan of the book by the same title and enjoyed plowing through its pages.It was easy plowing. Author Bruce Porter is a masterful storyteller. The tome on which the Johnny Depp movie is based is decidedly more complicated than the film, as its principal figure, narcotrafficker George Jung, is a decidedly complicated individual … [Read more...]