Egypt intensifies crackdown on Christians, dissidents

A Christian schoolteacher in Egypt has been detained by authorities for allegedly insulting Islam and Muhammad. Demyana Emad is twenty-three and teaches social studies at the Sheik Sultan Primary School in Luxor. She denies the charge and claims extremists urged students to falsely accuse her.The allegation is troubling. Last year another Christian teacher, Bishoy Kamel, was sentenced to six years in prison on similar charges, including insulting Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi. Covering … [Read more...]

Egyptian Christians seek unity amid strife

While Egyptian Christians face ongoing strife in their Muslim-majority nation, there are signs of encouragement as leaders of five different Christian groups begin meeting for the first time to forge a way forward together.Evangelical, Anglican, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Coptic Orthodox leaders met Monday in Cairo for the first gathering of the United Council of Egyptian Churches. Coptic Pope Tawadros II led the group, which was the dream of his predecessor, the late Pope Shenouda III, … [Read more...]

Egyptian Christians enthrone new pope

On Sunday Egyptian Christians enthroned their new patriarch, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II. The service was several hours in length, and the daring are encouraged to view the video of the event below.The enthroning happened at St. Mark's Cathedral in Al Abbasiya, Cairo.The Egyptian church was first established by the Apostle and Evangelist Mark, after he sojourned in Rome and then traveled south to Alexandria. Tawadros is now the 118th pope of Alexandria."He is to heal souls … [Read more...]