Understanding God’s mysterious methods

It's easy to get frustrated at God and the way he appears to be ignoring our plans and prayers. But God's ways are not, so Isaiah informs us, ours. And it's interesting what can happen when we look back at unfulfilled ambitions, unplanned occurrences, and unanswered prayers.Sometimes we can see God winking at us through the supposed disappointment. Why? Because in retrospect it all turned out so much better than we had hoped.If we think about it, we all have a dozen examples from our … [Read more...]

Trusting God’s messy providence

If your week hasn’t gone according to plan, this post is for you. Come to think of it, if your life hasn’t gone according to plan, this post is for you.St. Paul offers the Romans (and us) an extremely comforting thought when he tells them that God works all things for our good. Probably most of us believe that, cling to it in fact. We’re just mystified about how he goes about doing it.Look at Joseph’s story. God used him to save Egypt from famine and, by extension, the fledging nation of Is … [Read more...]

7 reasons to appreciate history

History is the story of God’s past providence in the lives of people.This is true for major events: Constantine battling at Milvian Bridge, Luther protesting at Wittenberg, King James commissioning the Bible that bears his name, Whitefield going on tour in America, Revere sending out the alarm en route to Lexington, and Patton storming the coasts of Sicily.It’s also true for the humbler moments: Jane Austen quietly revolutionizing English literature, Gen. Robert E. Lee writing tender let … [Read more...]

Miles from the truth

In 1995 author Jack Miles touched off a theological tempest in a teapot with his publication of God: A Biography, in which he attempts to tell the story of God by reading the Hebrew Scriptures as "imaginative literature." With the 2001 publication of Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God, Miles uses the same approach to explore the life and significance of Jesus, and the tempest is again brewing.The result of the Pulitzer-winning God was a radical revisionist take on its subject, imaging God … [Read more...]