Why Christians need the church

There's an old story about several blind men who try describing an elephant after touching various parts of it. Because the elephant is quite large, each man can only touch a limited portion. So the man touching the leg says the elephant is like a tree, while the one touching the tail says it's like a snake, and so on, each man coming to a different, incomplete conclusion about the beast.That story comes to mind as I reflect on the increasing number of people who claim to be Christians yet … [Read more...]

Our ordinary, fascinating lives

The Scripture says that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made." The psalmist uses the phrase to talk about our origins, how we were "skillfully" formed by God. I think we can view the sentiment as more than that, however. I think we can take it as an invitation to view all of a person's life as fearful and wonderful."Marvelous are Your works," says the psalmist, and that includes us, not only our conception but our whole lives. God not only makes us but also sustains us. Our development … [Read more...]

More customers, fewer consumers

To succeed in business you need to “meet the needs of consumers,” right? It’s so hackneyed it must be true. It’s so true it must be wrong.To get what I mean, see how this strikes you. It’s from the jacket copy of Paul Nunes and Brian Johnson's book Mass Affluence: Seven New Rules of Marketing to Today's Consumer (Harvard Business School Press):Millions of consumers can now afford to pay more for everything—from household cleaning products to clothing to automobiles. Yet these “moneyed masses” … [Read more...]