America needs prophets

The intense fight over Obamacare's HHS mandate highlights a real disdain for religion in public life. Obamacare has had religious detractors from the start because of abortion concerns, but they have had their own detractors among the political and chattering classes.While paying lip service to the right of Catholic bishops to participate in the conversation, for instance, one pundit actually said (before the bill had passed) that the hierarchs were holding America “hostage” by their refusal … [Read more...]

The blessing and curse of liberty

As we celebrate our nation's Independence, some then-and-now is in order.On July 4, 1793, Rev. Enos Hitchcock offered an oration at the Baptist Meeting House in Providence, Rhode Island. The speech was colored by personal experience. Hitchcock served as chaplain during the war, first at Crown Point and Ticonderoga and then later at Valley Forge and West Point, seeing the high cost of liberty and ministering to countless men who paid it in full.As townsfolk gathered to celebrate that dear … [Read more...]

Divorcing Jesus from religion

Like all divorces this one is going to be messy.You're the judge, so try sorting this out: The complainant files papers saying she's trapped in a loveless marriage. There's neglect and even some abuse. The complainant wants full custody of the kid and certain rights and privileges to the house and the bank accounts -- none of which would exist if the plaintiff hadn't built them in the first place. This is roughly where we sit as people try to divorce Jesus from religion.The complainant … [Read more...]

Faith as I saw it in Uganda

I knew the sound the second I heard it, a loud sustained cry, undulating but strong. “Is that the call to prayer?” I asked Eva, a Christian woman operating a small crafts shop.“It is for Muslims,” she said. … [Read more...]