We know God by experiencing him

In the endless debates about Christianity it is common to subject the church to a cost-benefit analysis. On one side of the ledger we tally up the positive impacts the faith has had: hospitals, orphanages, universities, etc. On the other side we tote up the wars, the witch-hunts, and other unhappy what-have-yous.From this analysis we expect to decide if Christianity is worth believing. If it tilts positive, then yes. If negative, then no.Since the relative value of the items in each … [Read more...]

Forgetting ourselves

To know who you are, you have to know from where you came. As philosopher Richard Weaver put it, “there is no identity without historicity.” The bad news is that Americans—and Westerners in general—are increasingly befogged and amnesic about our past. We are losing our history, particularly touch points to our shared Christian past.This loss is particularly noticeable in our public life. In a recent piece for the Detroit News Fr. Robert Sirico of the Acton Institute points to several unfortu … [Read more...]

The wealth of (Western) nations

"Calvinism is evidently connected with the commercial vocation," writes Luigi Barzini in The Europeans. "It is not clear to an Italian [like the author], however, whether Calvinists, driven by their stern religious code, become the best merchants, or whether merchants become Calvinists because Calvinism is a superior guide for the successful conduct of business."It turns out that Barzini's is an avoidable conundrum. Like the great Italian scribe, I've long been influenced by the concept of the … [Read more...]