Thomas: A model for faith and zeal

Yesterday the Indian Orthodox Church celebrated the memory of the Apostle Thomas. I wrote about Thomas earlier in the year, but since his name means "two" or "twin," it seems appropriate to give him a second look, particularly to draw attention to the extraordinary effect of his evangelism and what his life can encourage in us."The disbelief of Thomas has done more for our faith than the faith of the other disciples," once said Gregory the Great. "As he touches Christ and is won over to … [Read more...]

St. Nick’s best gift

The memory of few saints is as cherished as that of St. Nicholas. Known as Nicholas the Wonderworker, he is remembered in the church on December 6 and closely associated with the Christmas season.While the legends around this humble bishop have swollen beyond recognition, the popular picture of the jolly fat man circling the globe dropping gifts to worthy children has some slender basis in fact.According to the tradition of the church, Nicholas was born at the end of the third century to … [Read more...]