Remembering Christian rock pioneer Larry Norman

It's been five years since Christian rock pioneer Larry Norman died of heart failure, complications from a heart attack he suffered a decade prior. Here's his song, "The Great American Novel":His career was as long as it was controversial. After a brief stint as the lead singer for the San Jose, Calif., pop band People!, Norman went solo in 1969 with his Capitol Records release, Upon this Rock. It was Christian rock before there was Christian rock.Sometimes compared to Bob Dylan for … [Read more...]

Stepping upon Christ’s back

Getting your theology from pop lyrics is usually a poor idea, but there are wonderful exceptions. Take Terry Taylor's 1998 solo album, John Wayne. Known better for raucous numbers like "Hide the Beer, the Pastor's Here" and "Darn Floor, Big Bite," Taylor has also written many quiet and meditative songs over the years. … [Read more...]