Why tolerance is a lousy virtue

Tolerance is a squirrelly virtue. At best it's a schoolyard thing that only works if everyone agrees to play along. At worst, it's a bludgeon to -- ironically now -- knock about people who disagree with you.We all benefit from tolerance when we get the first kind. Elbow room to live and act as you please is nice. When it comes to the practice of faith, it's even better -- particularly if its absence means that you must operate in some sort of rebellion.'Curing' fundamentalismBut the … [Read more...]

Love and bear it

To grin and bear something means to tolerate it, put on a happy face and ride out the discomfort. After all, it'll be over soon enough. That's a perfectly practical way to deal with half the difficulties in life. But what if you could manage to respond with love instead of mere tolerance or reluctant acquiescence? What areas of life might improve with the switch -- work, family, everything maybe? … [Read more...]