April fools for Christ

The Bible presents us two kinds of folly, both very different. We meet the first in Proverbs. It's the folly of the person who denies the existence of God, the person who embraces a materialist worldview.We encounter the second in the writings of the apostle Paul. This folly proclaims a God so real and imminent and palpable that he takes human flesh, walks among us, and expunges our sins upon the cross.These two views are as different as whisky and chicken broth.In a flatly … [Read more...]

Things I’m pretty sure are true

Many are the authors who have assembled lists of various undeniable truths and irrefutable laws. I'm less sure about these ones, but here's my list of things -- some discovered through ample trial and much error -- that I'm pretty certain are true:If your Christianity doesn't leave a mark, you're doing it wrong.Even the Body of Christ has an armpit or two.If you don't discipline yourself, others will.If you don't learn from history, you're like most people.To affirm one thing … [Read more...]

The kindergarten rules

Here are some lessons you're supposed to learn as a child that will definitely serve you when you're older:Don't touch that.Say please.Use your words.Say your prayers.Don't beat up the little guys; they might grow up bigger than you.Play nice.If you break the rules, it won't go well.When you've done something wrong, you should go to your room and think about what you've done.Don't sit with your stinky stuff too long; it'll cause a rash.You're not as clever as you … [Read more...]