The Path of Paganism

After a journey of over three years, my first book The Path of Paganism is out. I got my author copies two weeks ago – I started getting Facebook messages from people who got their pre-ordered copies on Tuesday. This is the story of how The Path of Paganism came to be a book. [Read more…]

Five Non-Pagan Books For Pagans

Pagans are the people of many books, and much of what a beyond-beginner needs to read isn’t found in the Pagan section of the bookstore. These are five books that have been helpful to me as a Pagan even though they aren’t Pagan books. [Read more…]

Devotion to Poseidon

A new book of polytheist devotions, this one dedicated to Poseidon. [Read more…]

Pieces of Eight

Gordon White of Rune Soup has a new book out titled Pieces of Eight: Chaos Magic Essays and Enchantments. If you have an interest in this sort of magic, you’ll want to read it. [Read more…]

The Chaos Protocols

What can you say about a book that provides practical career and financial advice for a tumultuous world, teaches useful magical skills, and quotes Captain Mal Reynolds? Plenty. If any of that appeals to you, read The Chaos Protocols. [Read more…]

Star.Ships – A Book Review

Star.Ships, a new book by Rune Soup blogger and podcaster Gordon White and published by Scarlet Imprint, is the best work of prehistory I’ve ever found. It’s a work that can stand with anything coming out of mainstream academia. [Read more…]

The Power of Silence

Most of us are afraid of silence. But as magical people, we know that silence is necessary. This new, short, narrowly-focused book by Karina BlackHeart explains the practice of silence and how to cultivate it in our lives. [Read more…]

A Beautiful Resistance

I’ve always had mixed feelings about the Gods & Radicals website. Their writers are seeing the same problems I am, but they’re rather vague about what they want to replace the current system. So I was pleasantly surprised to find myself in general agreement with their new journal A Beautiful Resistance. [Read more…]