Walking With The Gods – An Interview

Walking With The Gods

What is polytheism?  Over the past year or so there have been many ideas put forward attempting to answer this question – I’ve contributed my own thoughts to the debate.  Rather than trying to define polytheism, Dr. W. D. Wilkerson interviewed 120 polytheists – Walking With The Gods is the result of those interviews.   This book says “here are some practicing polytheists – what they do, what they think, and what they believe.”  We can see the commonalities and the differences and we can see if ou … [Read more...]

From the Cauldron Born

Cauldron Born

From the Cauldron Born: Exploring the Magic of Welsh Legend & Lore by Kristoffer Hughes published by Llewellyn, December 2012 312 pages paperback: $13.32, kindle: $9.99 Bardic magic is a powerful thing.We hear or read a story and we’re transported to a galaxy far far away – or to the wilds of Wales.  People, places and things come alive, animals talk and trees walk – and a boy becomes a hare, a salmon, a wren, and a grain of corn.  Great deeds are done, kings are kingly a … [Read more...]

Vampires Are Us

vampires are us

Vampires Are Us: Understanding Our Love Affair with the Immortal Dark Side by Margot Adler Published by Weiser Books 256 pages Paperback:  $15.06 Kindle:  $9.99 I’ve been fascinated with vampires ever since I was rushing home from elementary school to watch Jonathan Frid as Barnabas Collins in the original Dark Shadows.  From there it was on to the Universal horror classics:  Bela Lugosi in Dracula, Lon Chaney Jr. in Son of Dracula, John Carradine in House of Dracula, and what … [Read more...]

The Earth, The Gods and The Soul

earth gods soul

The Earth, The Gods and The Soul – A History of Pagan Philosophy from the Iron Age to the 21st Century by Brendan Myers published by Moon Books, November  2013 326 pages $15.74 in paperback, $7.69 on KindleThe days when the English majors’ charge of “barbarian engineer” was accurate were over many years ago.  Yes, I spent most of my time in college studying technical and business subjects, but my education didn’t stop with graduation.  Between reading, listening, traveling, and a lot of t … [Read more...]

The Secret History of the World

the secret history of the world

The Secret History of the World As Laid Down by the Secret Societies by Mark Booth published in 2008 by Overlook Press 415 pages“You must be mad, or you wouldn’t have come here.”  This line from Alice in Wonderland concludes the introduction to The Secret History of the World As Laid Down by the Secret Societies by Mark Booth.  You don’t have to be mad to read it, but if you don’t understand how to read it then it will surely drive you mad, in one sense of the word or another.I just as … [Read more...]

Seeking the Mystery


I reviewed Seeking the Mystery on my old blog in December.  I’m updating the review in part because the book is now available in print but also because the material it covers is very relevant to the recent discussions / debates / shouting matches on hard vs. humanistic Paganism.  If you’re going to argue about the nature of the gods, you need to understand monism, pantheism, animism, and other views of Divinity; and you need to understand how modern Pagans have used these terms during the on-go … [Read more...]

Dark Green Religion

Dark Green Religion is a study of the relatively new religious trend toward viewing the Earth as sacred and acting accordingly. It’s written by Bron Taylor, Professor of Religion and Nature at the University of Florida. I highly recommend it for those interested contemporary nature religions and their origins. Taylor begins with a cursory definition of religion, but he sees little value in arguing about where to draw lines between religion, parareligion, and religious behavior by those who d … [Read more...]