The Journey Into Spirit

Journey Into Spirit

Kristoffer Hughes’ new book is really three books in one: his personal story of service to the Reaper, cosmological speculation about what comes after death, and a very down-to-earth, very helpful look at grief and the process of bereavement. [Read more...]

History is Inspirational Not Authoritative

Pagan Britain 2

Ronald Hutton’s new book Pagan Britain shows how history can provide a framework and inspiration for our own beliefs and practices, but it cannot tell us the One Right and True Way. If history teaches us anything it’s that there is no One Right and True Way. [Read more...]

Walking With The Gods – An Interview

Walking With The Gods

An interview with Dr. W. D. Wilkerson, author of the polytheist ethnography Walking With The Gods, about her new book and the challenges of polytheism in a monotheistic culture. [Read more...]

From the Cauldron Born

Cauldron Born

Kristoffer Hughes’ book From the Cauldron Born is an exploration of bardic magic. It is both an analysis of the story of Cerridwen and Taliesin and a recipe for the transformation of the Cauldron. [Read more...]

Vampires Are Us

vampires are us

Margot Adler’s new book explores our fascination with vampires. I’ve been fascinated with vampires ever since I was rushing home from elementary school to watch Dark Shadows. [Read more...]

The Earth, The Gods and The Soul

earth gods soul

The Earth, The Gods and The Soul by Brendan Myers is the philosophy book I needed to read. It gave me a good introduction to classical philosophy, taught me some key ideas, gave me references to follow for more in-depth reading, and perhaps most importantly, showed me the philosophical heritage of many of the ideas I live by and promote in my own writing. [Read more...]

The Secret History of the World

the secret history of the world

If you’re expecting an exposé of occult secrets from The Secret History of the World you’ll be disappointed. If you’re expecting typical history you’ll be frustrated. But if you’re looking for a myth to show you how we got where we are and where we’re headed, give it a try. [Read more...]

Seeking the Mystery


Christine Kraemer’s Seeking the Mystery is now available in print as well as the previously issued e-book. It’s a concise introduction to good Pagan theology. I recommended it before I came to Patheos and I still do. [Read more...]