How Should Pagan Clergy Dress?

We who serve as Pagan clergy have an obligation to our Gods and to our traditions to present ourselves as serious, competent, and thoughtful. This require study and practice, but it also requires paying attention to how we dress. [Read more…]

Cursing, Binding, and Punching Nazis – The Ethics of Violence

Violence is expensive, messy, and always brings collateral damage. But violence is also effective – it’s one of the most direct ways to get what you want, particularly if you’re more powerful than the guy on the other side. When – if ever – is violence ethically permissible? [Read more…]

Why I’m Staying at Patheos Pagan

Patheos hosts my blog, promotes my work, and pays me a token amount, which is more than most blogging sites. No one has ever tried to censor my work – if they do, I’ll move. But I’m not going to leave a good situation over what might happen. [Read more…]

The Inspiration of Badass Park Rangers

You cheered because a bunch of park rangers did their job. You can be an inspiring badass park ranger for someone else. Grow the resistance one imaginatively subversive act at a time. [Read more…]

Setting the Agenda For the Next Four Years

Maybe Trump is right – maybe it is midnight in America. But here’s the thing. Witches, Druids, Pagans in general – midnight is our hour, and we will set our own agendas for the next four years. [Read more…]

What Does Victory Look Like For You?

What does it mean to win? What does victory look like for you? If you don’t like the dichotomy of winners and losers, what does success look like for you? More specifically, what does victory or success look like for you over the next four years? [Read more…]

Divination by Coloring Book – A Preview of 2017

Adult coloring books are intended to be a means to relax without drugs or alcohol, but they can also be very focusing. This wasn’t just a picture to color – it was a tool for scrying into the coming year. [Read more…]

9 Thoughts on Current Events

Thoughts on the Ghost Ship fire tragedy, public funding for the arts, fake news, book news (that’s real!), and the return of the Cernunnos Ritual. [Read more…]