The Obligations of Religion

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The freedom of Paganism is a great thing, but let’s remember that good, strong, meaningful religion also carries obligations. [Read more...]

James Bianchi 1949 – 2015

James Bianchi, John Beckett, and Kimberly Kirner at the 2012 OBOD East Coast Gathering

James Bianchi was a good friend and a fine Druid who did great things for our community. He will be remembered. [Read more...]

A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment

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I encourage you to read A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment and if you are in general agreement, to sign it. Over 3,600 Pagans have already signed the statement – the working group that put it together is trying to get 10,000 signatures by the Summer Solstice. [Read more...]

Advice To A Young Pagan

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There will be days when your Paganism is beautiful, powerful, and magical. Keep practicing. There will be days when your Paganism seems empty and lifeless. Keep practicing. Paganism isn’t something you believe or something you have to qualify for. It’s something you do and something you are. [Read more...]

Walking Between the Worlds

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Paganism is neither solely concerned with Gods and spirits, nor with social justice and other this-world concerns. A healthy, vibrant Paganism needs both. [Read more...]

Many Ways To Make A Good Marriage

Flowers at Topkapi 2012

The real question isn’t who gets to decide, it’s whether we cling to the harmful idea that there’s only one right way or if we accept and embrace our differences. [Read more...]

The Candle of Earth Day

Earth Day candle 2015

No, Earth Day isn’t enough. But it’s still better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness. [Read more...]

Prophetic Leadership

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If we want people to pay attention to the prophecies we receive and the observations we make, we can’t just say “here’s what’s going to happen.” We also have to say “here’s what we can do with it” and “here’s how it will be better for all of us.” [Read more...]