Obligations of a CUUPS Leader

Winter Finding 2013 16b

I’ve been an officer in Denton CUUPS for ten years, I’m a member of the Board of Trustees of CUUPS National, and I have a visible presence on the internet.  So I get occasional e-mails asking how to start a CUUPS chapter or how to deal with difficult people in a host congregation.  But in a conversation this weekend, it occurred to me there’s an important question that is rarely asked:  what are you signing up for when you agree to serve as an elected officer or even as an informal leader? … [Read more...]

Comments, Texas Pagan Events, and a Video


I have a variety of short announcements to make, so I’m going to combine them into one post.Disqus CommentsPatheos is transitioning all its blogs to the Disqus commenting software and Under the Ancient Oaks was transitioned this weekend. According to the Patheos Tech Wizards “the import fully completed except for nine interim comments made during the last few days, and it appears that all historical comments and new comments will now be available in Disqus. We have also imported the int … [Read more...]

Pagan Groups: Seeking To Find

CUUPS Beltane 2010 21a Maypole

I’m a strong proponent of group practice and worship. While there is no substitute for regular personal spiritual practice, there is also no substitute for the fellowship, encouragement, reinforcement and accountability that comes from being in community with like-minded folks. And there are things you can do in a group you can’t do alone: you can’t do a spiral dance by yourself and one person can’t raise the energy that thirty can raise.I know a few people who are die-hard solitaries and suc … [Read more...]

Starting a CUUPS Chapter

At least a couple times a year I get an e-mail that reads something like this: Hi! I’m thinking about (or I’m in the process of) forming a CUUPS group at my UU church. What did you do to start the Denton CUUPS group? Where do I need to start? I wasn’t around when Denton CUUPS was formed in 2000. Summer Cartwright, Monique Gulyas and Cheryl Monroe were the key members of the founding group – they did most of the heavy lifting. It is a huge credit to their work and to their foresight that even th … [Read more...]