A Druid Method

Each Druid order defines Druidry in their own way and I have no desire to challenge their structures. But I see a method for creating a Druidry that is both authentic and powerful, where ever we are. [Read more…]

ADF Texas Imbolc Retreat – Gathering Under a Common Banner

ADF is what it is and does what it does without excuse or apology, and it also welcomes all people of good will to gather around its fire. This past weekend’s Texas Imbolc Retreat embraced and embodied the virtue of hospitality. [Read more…]

A Druid Retreats Into The Woods

Thanks to the OBOD Gulf Coast Gathering, I’m refreshed, restored, and in a much better frame of mind to do the work that’s been set before me. [Read more…]

ADF Texas Imbolc Retreat 2016

The 2016 ADF Texas Imbolc Retreat was a wonderful weekend of workshops, conversations, stories, songs, and a very powerful ritual. [Read more…]

Polytheism Among The Druids

This year’s informal conversations at the OBOD East Coast Gathering seemed to be deeper and more serious than in past years. In particular, I heard a lot of questions and comments around polytheism. [Read more…]

OBOD East Coast Gathering 2015

With over a hundred OBOD Bards, Ovates, Druids, and guests, the sixth edition of the 2015 OBOD East Coast Gathering was the same as the first five in many ways, but subtly different in others. It was a memorable experience of Druid community. [Read more…]

What I Learned From Isaac Bonewits

Scholarship matters. Fuzzy targets yield fuzzy results. Why not excellence? I learned a lot from Isaac Bonewits – future generations of Pagans will too. [Read more…]

Destiny, Availability, and a Lot of Work

It’s fun to speculate about how things would be different if I had made different choices on my spiritual journey. But to insist it was all fate devalues a lot of difficult choices and hard work by me and by many others. [Read more…]