Paganism and the Primacy of the Written Word

The written word is a useful servant, but Western culture has made it an arrogant master. If we are to become truly Pagan then the primacy of the written word must give way to the primacy of religious experience. [Read more…]

The Place of Ancient Heritage in Contemporary Paganism

Some believe we need to rebuild the religions of our pre-Christian ancestors as faithfully as possible. Others think any focus on the past is a distraction from the important work of living fully here and now. This is my position on the place of ancient heritage in Paganism. [Read more…]

So You Had a Religious Experience – Now What?

Religious experiences are like finding a locked box in your grandmother’s attic. It’s beautiful and it’s a connection to your beloved ancestor, but at some point you need to figure out how to open it. [Read more…]

Incorporating Animism into our Paganism

Animism is not a religion. It’s a foundational concept of many religions, one that both Nature-centered Pagans and Deity-centered Pagans would do well to consider. If the animist worldview is correct – and I believe it is – what does that mean for how we live our lives? [Read more…]

The Non-Negotiables of My Religion

There are three non-negotiables in my religion. If I abandoned or significantly changed any of these three concepts, I would be practicing a different religion. [Read more…]

What’s Changing: The World or Us?

What’s changing: the world or us? I’ve been arguing it’s the world, but I now think it’s a combination of the two. Is my revised model of the world “right”? No, but it’s a little less wrong. [Read more…]

A Commitment to Truth

Politicians are known for playing fast and loose with the truth. But blatantly denying facts, making serious accusations supported by no facts, and promoting untruths as facts cross a dangerous line, even by the low standards of politicians. [Read more…]

Wild Paganism

Some of us have prayed “teach us again to be wild and free” and we’re starting to see the results of those prayers. The territory is wild and dangerous, but 2016 showed us we’re going to get hurt anyway. We might as well put that pain toward something we want. [Read more…]