Magic: Amateurs vs. Professionals

Let’s not be satisfied with feeling magical. Let’s not be satisfied with being amateur magicians. Let’s do the work necessary to become professional magicians. Let’s learn our craft and get really good at it. [Read more…]

A Speculative Look at the Cycles of Magic and the Otherworld

In which I look at cyclical time, the Mayan calendar, planetary alignments, ice ages and interglacial periods, and our experiences of shredded Veils and Goblin Markets, and then try to come up with a speculative theory to explain it all. [Read more…]

A Three-Fold Understanding of Magic

I came to a three-fold understanding of magic very early on my Pagan journey, and I’ve yet to find a better model for how magic works. Magic is the intercession of Gods and spirits, the manipulation of unseen forces, and psychological programming. [Read more…]

Stealing Fire From The Gods

The practice of magic is, in many ways, stealing fire from the Gods. Every spell is an act of will. Every working says “I choose this” and in doing so, says “I reject that” to other alternatives. Are you willing to take that responsibility? [Read more…]

Progressive Magic

Magic has a dilemma. It works best when it’s focused and specific, but many of the things we need magic to achieve are big and complicated. Progressive magic is an approach to deal with this dilemma. [Read more…]

How Do You Know Your Magic Worked?

Figuring out if your magic worked is a process of comparing what you got against what you were trying to get. If that’s not what you really wanted, the problem isn’t your magic. [Read more…]

Why I’m Not Participating in the Mass Binding of Donald Trump and What I’m Doing Instead

I’m not participating in the mass binding of Donald Trump because I believe it will be ineffective and therefore a poor use of our time and energy. But if you have magical skills, you can’t not use them at a time like this. [Read more…]

What Happens When You Leave A Magical Portal Open?

Leaving a gate or portal open is a bad thing. Mainly, it’s a sloppy thing. We shouldn’t do it, and when we do bad things can happen. But not on the scale of badness that we’re experiencing right now – not by a long shot. [Read more…]