Bargaining at the Goblin Market

Folklore tells us the Goblin Market is a place humans can rarely see, and if you can see it you’re better off pretending you can’t and moving on. But what do you do when the Goblin Market sets up shop across the street from your house? [Read more…]

Summer Solstice – The Necessity of Trust

If there’s a lesson in the Summer Solstice, it’s that nothing worthwhile is entirely under our control. We do our part and then trust that Nature and the Gods will do theirs. And then get ready to do our next part when the harvest begins. [Read more…]

Tales of Albion – A Movie Review

Tales of Albion is a collection of eight stories of ancient Britain and Ireland, organized around the Wheel of the Year. It was made by the same group who made the excellent film The Spirit of Albion in 2012. How well does it compare? [Read more…]

Resting in the Shadows of the Solstice

The many traditions of the Winter Solstice encourage us to light candles and make merry to mark the rebirth of the Sun and the promise of Spring. But if the busyness of the holiday season and concerns over the future make it hard to celebrate, perhaps we need a different approach to this most ancient holy day. [Read more…]

The Pagan Wisdom of King Arthur

Arthur is the Once and Future King, but he is not returning at some future time to rule in a perfect Camelot forever and ever amen. Arthur will return – and has returned – when he is needed. [Read more…]

Gorged on Information, Starving for Wisdom

I love visiting ancient sites, hearing and telling ancient stories, and learning about ancient ancestors. But the greatest value of the myths and history I learn lies in how they prepare me for my own experiences of the Gods, right here right now. [Read more…]

Stonehenge: Imagining the Winter Solstice

How can Stonehenge not grab our attention? It stands there on the Salisbury Plain, silently screaming that it Must Be Important. Ancient people didn’t build this great big complicated thing for nothing – there’s got to be something we can do with it! [Read more…]

The Garden of Eden – A Pagan Reading

The Eden myth has many interpretations. This is a speculative reading from the viewpoint of a Nature-centered Pagan. [Read more…]