Does Magic Undermine the Sovereignty of Nature?

spell altar 03

Does the practice of magic undermine the sovereignty of Nature? John Halstead thinks it does. Not surprisingly, I disagree. Here’s why. [Read more...]

In Praise of the Wheel of the Year

Druid Wheel of the Year by Dana Wiyninger

Even if you don’t think a series of holidays from Iron Age Britain has anything to do with your life in the 21st century, marking the changing seasons is one of the most effective ways to stay connected to Nature, the source of our lives. [Read more...]

Rewilding: Privilege and Reality

SPI 2011 60

We are the product of 10,000 years of civilization, 10,000 years of keeping the wild at bay. And yet like the dog who hears the howl of the wolf, we hear the Wild Gods call to us. Why? And how will we respond? [Read more...]

Rewilding Our World

Yukon sled dogs

George Monbiot suggests “for more wonder, rewild the world.” But we’ve been taught the wild is something to be feared and controlled, something to drive out of ourselves and pretend we never had it in the first place. How can we rewild our lives? And what do we do when the wild shows up on our doorsteps uninvited? [Read more...]

We’re Still Here and the Earth is Still Sacred

Dinosaur Valley 07.13.14 25

Has Pagan environmentalism failed? Strictly speaking, yes. But there have been some successes, and we’re not done yet. [Read more...]

Dinosaur Valley

Acrocanthosaurus track, Dinosaur Valley State Park, Glen Rose, Texas

Earlier today a group from Denton CUUPS visited Dinosaur Valley State Park with two missions. One was to see the land and the dinosaur tracks and take lots of pictures. The second was to listen to the spirits of the land. [Read more...]

Earth Day Is Worth Celebrating

SPI 2011 36

We don’t make changes in our lives so we can love the Earth, we love the Earth so we’ll make the changes we need to make. [Read more...]

Sacramental Eating

cows Oct2013

All of Nature is sacred. But sacred or not, life feeds on life. What is your relationship with the living things that die so you can continue to live? Is it a conscious relationship? Is it an honest relationship? Is it in line with your values? [Read more...]