Three Hours in the Temple

At Pantheacon I was honored to spend three hours serving the Gods and our community as a temple priest. It was an amazing experience. [Read more…]

How The Gods Give Me Meaning

Those who claim “you can’t be good without God” are wrong, period. There are many sources of meaning, and it’s up to you to find the source that speaks to you. But the many Gods give me meaning. [Read more…]

Worshipping Fearsome Gods – Video

Here’s the video from the “Worshipping Fearsome Gods” Sunday service at Pathways UU on November 22. [Read more…]

Why I Worship Gods From Europe

Why do so many American Pagans worship Gods of Europe? Why don’t we worship North American Gods instead? That’s a fair question that deserves some honest thought, especially in light of the recent shouting match over cultural appropriation. [Read more…]

Our Gods Are Not Safe

In order to fully restore the Way of the Gods, polytheism must be accessible for those who simply want to honor the Gods and live virtuous but ordinary lives. But this can never mean dumbing things down or pretending that polytheism is “safe” religion – because our Gods are not safe. [Read more…]

The Future of Polytheism: Keeping the Gods at the Front

There is room in our many ethnic and regional traditions for people who simply want to honor the Gods and live ordinary lives. Our polytheist traditions are not all or nothing propositions and I hope they never will be. But the future of polytheism will be built by those who keep the Gods at the front of their practice. [Read more…]

What Are The Gods Up To?

Get a handful of polytheists together and sooner or later the conversation turns to “so, what are They up to?” Something is going on and we can’t help but wonder what it is – unquestioning faith is not a Pagan virtue. [Read more…]

Serving Real Gods in a Shallow Culture

If someone takes the step from playing with fictional gods to inquiring about real Gods, it’s reasonable to assume there’s a genuine interest involved. Those of us who have made commitments to our Gods have an obligation to respond in good faith. [Read more…]