Three Forms of Immortality

To be human is to live with the realization that we are alive but that some day we will die. We mostly live with this fatal certainty by ignoring it, but sometimes we wonder about what – if anything – comes after death. I see three forms of immortality. [Read more…]

A Pagan Crisis of Faith

When faced with the reality of the Gods and spirits, some Pagans revel in the confirmation of our magical worldview, despite the complications it brings. Others rationalize their experiences away in the hope they won’t have to deal with spiritual beings with minds and wills of their own. [Read more…]

Proudly Re-Paganing America

On the same day the Patheos editors put my post “Are We Bringing Sin Into Paganism?” on the front page, they also featured a post titled “The Re-Paganing of America and God’s Eternal Word.” It was much better than I expected, but its foundational assumptions are very wrong. [Read more…]

Speaking Passionately

How can we speak confidently and even passionately about religious matters, where certainty is impossible? We accept the reality of our experiences, and we remain open to new ideas and new interpretations. [Read more…]

Talking About Our Experiences

Our mainstream society is the reverse of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” Instead of claiming to see something that isn’t there so everyone will think we’re good and righteous, we pretend we don’t see things our senses tell us are there, so everyone will think we’re rational and sophisticated. [Read more…]

Dispassionately Dissecting Religion

Pulitzer Prize winning geography professor Jared Diamond presented yet another non-theistic explanation of the origins of religion. He overlooked the most important factor: the interaction of humans with Gods and spirits. [Read more…]

Missing the Point on Scapegoats

When two thirds of the commenters are missing the point, I have to accept that this time the problem isn’t the readers, it’s the writer. [Read more…]

There Are No Scapegoats in Modern Paganism

This month’s Patheos Public Square topic is “The Sacrifice: Religions and the Role of the Scapegoat.” As best I can tell, all the entries are from Christians, Muslims, or Jews. That’s probably for the best – there are no scapegoats in Paganism. [Read more…]